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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Top seo freelancer in Pakistan 2017

Hi, this is Usama nizamani top seo freelancer self-employed consultant in Pakistan, running home-based SEO firm. I have successfully completed many projects related to digital marketing, I don`t do the job in office because i am earning good amount of money as the freelancer so i give more time for projects of my clients. in 2014 i completed my software engineering degree from Isra university Hyderabad. When i completed my degree i was interested in development side but after few years i realised that there are many developers already in my country so decided to do new thing and took search engine optimization (seo) in my favourite list and try to learn it  after few months i learned it completely and got many projects and accomplished all of them well. Step by steps pick up all field related to seo and other digital marketing and now earning as seo freelancer and thought to be top seo freelancer in Pakistan. I have also trained my little brother and now he is working with me and helped in many seo projects.
top seo freelancer

Important notes before hiring SEO freelancer

When you go to freelancing websites like up work etc or micro jobs website likes (Fiverr) where peoples are claimed to be seo expert and making false promise of the ranking website in few days, you know what actually they do? They are spammer, create thousands of low authority backlinks using blackhat tools likes gsa ranker, xrummer, scrap box and many other blackhat seo tools which are considered as spammer by google and other search engines they may rank your websites for few weeks but after you may never see your website or blog any page of google because google use algorithms known as penguin to catch and ban spam sites so its my friendly advice for you to avoid such kind of guys who say will provide you thousands of backlinks in few days.

Why to chose me as SEO freelancer?

Seo mean to gain organic and targeted traffic from the internet or its also called as getting the natural flow of worldwide internet users to your business. It can be a continues process if your niche competitivity is high so it not only to get your website on the first page of google but the question is that how long your site will remain on the top? All depend on competition so I personally shout SEO as war, you want to know why? Very simple suppose you have website selling (iPhone) want to rank your website for that keyword and there are already many websites are optimized for a keyword which you want to rank than only 2 options left for you. One spending thousands of dollars if not millions for hiring seo agencies or freelancers or do it yourself unit die and I am sure you won`t be able to do it in your life.

 What I do?

When i take any search engine optimization or other digital marketing projects first i ask my client that what keywords he has? If no i do it myself, when I see the keywords got from client want to rank have high competence than i give him or her some options a few of them i am describing here, First if you want to rank exact keywords i have got from you at that time i can`t provide you guarantee success but if you let it on me then i assure your success, after finishing keywords discussion. Next request for admin access of website if she or he want full seo but if only want link building only ask for website URLs,  after that i prepare myself to launch SEO campaign and declare war on competitors, applying all modern techniques of link buildings and on-page optimization and finally pray for success. I am not here only for earning money but getting the job done is my first priority, with the result that i am a top SEO freelancer in Pakistan.

How to hire me?

Mobile : +923443775227

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